Lapierre Electric Bicycle Makes Debut in Malaysia 

As the Leading LAPIERRE Distributor in Malaysia & South East Asia, KT Cyclone Sdn Bhd will unveil its very first LAPIERRE Electric Bicycle (e-bike) in Malaysia before year end.

What is Electric Bicycle (E-bike)?

The electric revolution in the bicycle industry has resulted in the rising trend of e-bikes with soaring sales of e-bikes in many countries since Year 2016. Why? Below are some interesting facts about e-bikes that make everyone loves them.

E-bikes, sometimes also known as powerbike or booster bike, are bicycles with battery-powered “assist” system that comes via pedaling. An electric motor is integrated into the bikes to assist the cyclist’s pedal power. This electric motor is powered by rechargeable batteries, which can be used for propulsion.


Why are Electric Bicycle (E-Bikes) so Popular now?

Reason 1: E-bikes makes pedaling much easier than regular bikes

Riding on a pedal assist e-bike feels just like riding on a regular bike with a boost. It helps you to propel while pedaling. Hence, you can accelerate faster and feel more powerful. This means you can control your speed with your feet.

Reason 2: E-bikes can run faster than regular bikes

As you can control your speed with your feet, the harder you pedal, the faster you will ride. You are able to save more time and energy while enjoy beautiful scenery at the same time. You can also adjust your e-bike power with a power switch from “eco” or low setting to “turbo” or high setting to produce more power when you go uphill.

Reason 3: You will ride more

Believe it or not, with an e-bike you will have the tendency to ride more often, for longer distance, and longer time without feeling tired or overworked. Thanks to the battery-powered “assist” feature of e-bikes, you will have a more enjoyable riding experience if you are a seasoned rider. For the beginners, you will feel more confident when riding an e-bike.

Reason 4: E-bikes help you to burn calories

Although E-bikes help you to propel faster, you will still need to pedal when you ride. This essentially means that you will still exercise by pedaling on e-bike, get some calories burnt, and increase your cardiovascular fitness level. What a great way to exercise!

Reason 5: E-bikes will be our future mode of transport

As we see growing number of people using e-bikes now, most bicycle manufacturers are already producing e-bikes in many countries. The car manufacturers are also catching up with the trend. Soon, e-bikes will take over the car market and become future mode of transportation.



Well, if you are looking for an electric mountain bike (e-MTB), why not consider LAPIERRE OVERVOLT AM 727I SHIMANO 500WH. It is one of the best electric mountain bike in the market in 2018-2019.

LAPIERRE founded in 1946, is one of the early adopters of eMTB’s back in Year 2014. This LAPIERRE OVERVOLT AM 727I SHIMANO 500WH e-MTBike,an electrically assisted all terrain bike, is targeted at all-mountain riding. Comes with 160mm of travel and 27.5+ rims and rubber. Exceptionally potent, high performing and fun to ride. Retailing at RM34,471.00.

Special Features of LAPIERRE OVERVOLT AM 727I SHIMANO 500WH.

eMTB News awarded a 5-star Rating on LAPIERRE OVERVOLT AM 727I SHIMANO 500WH.

“A veritable mountain goat: the Overvolt AMi Shimano has a winning geometry setup and great roll-over characteristics”
eMTB Magazine

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