Cycling & Walking for a Good Cause

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Cycling & Walking for a Good Cause

October 24, 2018 outdoor sports running accessories 0


Penang-born Pastor Cheah Chee Moon has been “Cycling for Charity” for the longest time… and on 7 July 2018 he challenged himself by pulling a rickshaw starting from Johor all the way to Chiang Rai, covering a total distance of about 3000 km (on foot with Currexsole Natural Performance Insoles). He hoped to finish this charity walk within 75 days. He is doing it to raise funds for the orphanage homes in Malaysia & Thailand.


Pastor Cheah previously rode a penny-farthing, a late 19th century bicycle with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel, in 2016 to raise funds for Agape Children Home in Chiang Rai, which he runs.

“I love new, exciting challenges and since I have never walked in all my previous charity drives, this will be a whole new experience for me.

“I get to do it for a good cause – that is the best motivation I need to keep going,” he said.

“I started training by running about 120km every week for the past few months. The most important thing in this journey is mental strength,” he said.

Pastor Cheah said he opted to use a hand-pulled rickshaw for the journey to encourage members of the public to exercise in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.


KT Cyclone Sdn Bhd Sponsors Currexsole Natural Performance Insoles for “Walk for Charity”

KT Cyclone Sdn Bhd is indeed very inspired and touched by Pastor Cheah’s charitable act. To help Pastor Cheah achieve his dream more seamlessly, KT Cyclone Sdn Bhd has kindly sponsored a pair of Currexsole Natural Performance Runpro Insoles for him to wear during the whole journey to help ease the pressure on his feet and calf muscles, hence reduce fatigue. Very light, dynamic and supportive, this Currexsole Natural Performance Runpro Insoles will ensure that any knee or feet injuries can be prevented during his long journey.

Some of our KT Cyclone Team members had the privilege to meet & greet Pastor Cheah personally at KT Cyclone Sdn. Bhd. on Thursday, 2 August 2018. We also had the liberty to conduct a short interview with Pastor Cheah regarding the benefits of wearing a pair of Currexsole Natural Performance Insoles during his charity walk.

Pastor Cheah arrived in Parit Buntar on 31 July 2018. After making a stop at KT Cyclone Sdn Bhd in Bukit Mertajam, He then continued his journey to Arnold Cycling Café in Raja Uda on 2 August 3028.


The Orphanage Homes that Pastor Cheah Supports are:

1. Good Samaritan Home – Albert +60122272289 Robert +60193145361
2. Precious Gift Home, Ipoh – Lina +60165602355
3. Berkat Children Home, JB – Simon +60112015848 Davidson +60127271244
4. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Cheng En, JB – Irene Lo +60197232747
5. Agape Children Home, Chiang Rai – Cheah ‭+601126279106

If you feel compelled to support Pastor Cheah after reading his inspiring stories, and wish to contribute to his good cause “Cycle & Walk for Charity”, you may channel a small donation to him by contacting:

KT Cyclone Sdn Bhd on +604 539 9289.


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